Learn about climate change,

its effects and possible solutions.




Active Philanthropy offers accessible insights about climate change, climate policy, and the current state of climate action. We showcase how the climate crisis impacts societies and human lives, affecting issues such as women’s and children’s health, food security, poverty, and social justice.


We present avenues for engaging in climate philanthropy, covering different sectors, approaches and levers for change. We inform you about key actors and organizations that work to ensure a sustainable future, and we offer concrete opportunities to support climate action.


To this end, we partner with leading international experts and organizations in the fields of climate science, policy and industry, and with national and international NGOs. Our principal partners are the largest climate funders worldwide.


At the core of our commitment to climate action is the understanding that climate is much more than climate: Working to counter the effects of climate change means protecting human lives, current and future societies, and the interconnected ecosystems all life depends on.




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