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We work with philanthropists and social investors who want to shape our world for the better to help create a sustainable and prosperous future for us all.

Active Philanthropy

aims to foster meaningful and lasting impact.

We partner with philanthropists and social investors who want to shape the future for the better – be they different generations of families, individuals or organisations.

We support our partners on every step of the journey towards lasting impact, be it through philanthropy, impact investing or other means of influence.


Our services help our partners to understand society‘s most urgent challenges and make informed decisions about how to tackle them and whom to work with.


After 13 years, we are reshaping Active Philanthropy. In particular, we want to strengthen our focus on climate change, the biggest challenge of the 21st century. We will partner with organisations and individuals that seek to create regenerative systems that safeguard the continued existence of ecosystems and human living spaces.


Active Philanthropy has always advocated for more social justice and equality. As climate change and other trends put massive pressure on our global societies, we will continue to advocate for those who are most in need.


While we reshape Active Philanthropy to increase our focus on some of the most urgent challenges of the future, feel free to explore some of our current and previous work below.

Advisory Services

Our bespoke advisory services help you to create strategies for lasting impact


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Our expeditions are designed to help you to understand complex problems through your own experiences.

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Our workshops offer opportunities for shared learning and exchange.

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Our Thinking

Our handbooks, studies and reports can give you insights to make informed decisions.

Where to go?

Active Philanthropy Map

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How do I give effectively?

Guides and work sheets

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What is it about?

Reports on funding issues

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